Functional Foot workshop

This workshops is suitable for anyone wishing to improve the overall function of their feet and covers all the common foot problems we see today and their preventative, long-term solutions through functional training. We will guide you through which exercises are more suitable for you, how to perform them effectively and what you need to consider with specific foot pathologies.

The workshop can be accessed on multiple devises such as tablets, desktops or your phone with ease of access and doesn't require large file downloads. 

With over 1,000 registered users and 17 free updates in 2019 we have a workshop which will help 9/10 people!

What is included?

  • Individual foot-assessment guide
  • Videos with exercises and instructions 
  • Daily workout routine for beginners. intermediates & advanced
  • Shoes choice criteria and daily habit recommendations
  • Easy to follow Thinkific platform 
  • Free updates during your subscription

Upon registering for this workshop you will receive one email which is your receipt and a separate email which will contain your unique url to access your workshop.
- Please note this may take up to 15 minutes after registering

You have unlimited access for a 12 month period.