Malalignment Syndrome in Runners - Wolf Schamberger

Malalignment Syndrome in Runners - Wolf Schamberger


  •  Understanding malalignment is essential for those caring for runners; approximately 80% have pelvic malalignment, which can mimic, hide, overlap with, trigger or aggravate other medical conditions.

  •  Malalignment syndrome includes the biomechanical changes, abnormal stresses, and re- sulting signs/symptoms seen with an upslip and rotational malalignment.

  •  A standard back examination can be misleading because it fails to assess alignment and does not look at the sites typically affected by pelvic malalignment.

  •  Malalignment can be corrected by following a supervised course of treatment that com- bines realignment, core strengthening, reestablishing movement patterns, and the timely use of appropriate complementary techniques.

  •  Treatment includes instruction in self-assessment and self-treatment to allow the runner to achieve and maintain realignment on a day-to-day basis and increase the chances of a full recovery and achieving his or her full potential.

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