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Amy O (Leland, US)
All night comfort

I've owned dozens of toe separators over the last many years and these are the only ones I can wear throughout entire night of sleeping. They don't squeeze and make my toes numb, or pop out. I was skeptical of the more rigid texture at first, as opposed to the very squishy type, but I see now that they're not "strangling" my toes. These are awesome and create the space in my metatarsals that I need to wake up with pain relief. Will definitely buy more!

Betty (Tampines New Town, SG)
Best Toe Spacer

I have bunion and I was contemplating to buy My Foot Function's Toe Spacer as it was expensive compared to others in the market. Therefore, I bought others in the market instead. Others were either not comfortable or broken after few usage. In the end, I have decided to give My Foot Function's Toe Spacer a try. I have never regretted as the Toe Spacer is very comfortable. I intend to buy the next level's Toe Spacer soon.

Alex (Folkestone, GB)
Poor sizing guide

Purchased large as I am 10.5/11 uk and they don’t support toes and come loose with movement. For the price you would expect better.

Romey Jacketts (Basingstoke, GB)
Excellent customer service and great product.

I bought the purple spacers a year ago which were great & have helped to straighten my toes which were not to bad but my Pilates teacher recommended them to me. However sadly they split and are no longer available so I contacted customer service and they sent me these as complimentary pair and they are very good. They are harder than the purple ones but they are the best spacers on the market having tried several. Their customer service is excellent and very responsive to my requests. I recommend foot function and their spacers.

R. (Tempe, US)

Background: I have bunions and have used Correct Toes since mid 2018. I wear them around the house mostly as well as sometimes when I go places like the store. Those have been fantastic for me, if no other reason than the fact that they just make my feet feel so much better when I put them on. Recently, I misplaced one of my Correct Toes and decided to try out My Foot Function's toe separators since they looked identical to CTs and this was the perfect opportunity to test it out and see for myself.
Shipping: I placed my order on the 10th, they shipped on the 11th, and they were delivered on the 18th (USA). I did have to sign for the order for some reason, so I actually missed the USPS and had to pick the package up from the post office the next day, but that was not a big deal for me.
Packaging: I believe the mailer these were sent in was a paper bag/cardboard-y material, ready to be recycled. Because the shipping sticker took up almost the entire surface of one side of the package, I cut it in half and threw the stickered side away and recycled the plain side. Inside was a paper packing slip/receipt and an organic cotton drawstring pouch with the My Foot Function logo printed on. Inside of the pouch was a small ziplock-style bag with the separators. I do like the cotton pouch for storage because I can wash it (delicately, in wash bag, on cold!) if needed, though the logo might not do too well.
Product: I think another reviewer here mentioned the separators being thinner than CTs. I compared side by side and it sort of seemed like the material is a bit thinner—emphasis on "sort of." It was not clear to me, so any difference was not drastic at all. I did notice that the CTs are wider/longer than these. I took photos for comparison but there is nowhere for me to upload them here. Regardless, the toe spacers fit me perfectly fine right out of the bag. I am very happy with them so far.
The only thing I cannot comment on either way is longevity, as I have only had these for a week or so. However, if these were blatantly inferior to CTs off the bat, I would have already noticed. And they're not, so that's a win!
I would definitely recommend these. Would love to see more color offerings, especially brighter colors which help me find them around the house, haha.

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