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Kendall Funk-Wieler
Do not miss this!

So much information! Can be very overwhelming!
Lots of super in-depth approaches that need to be studied a lot in order to stick in my head!

Dr.Sanjiv Kedia
Loved this course!

I am a yoga and wellness consultant from past 21 years and have been travelling across 35 countries teaching and learning Movement systems of human body. I would like to say that Gourgen is one of the best teacher i have met so far. The course is fantastic and really helpful for everyone. I want to spread My foot function teachings in India and at all the places i go.

Wiebke Kronz
Just perfect!!

Very uesful and practical input, clearly explained

Konstantin YAGODKIN
Love from France!

Good morning ! I am a re-athlete - physical trainer with a Master 2 STAPS: EOPS (former PPR). I really liked the courses and the certification. It gives you a lot of theoretical and subsequently practical basis in order to understand and train your foot as best as possible. Train your foot & resumes its natural function & unlock your true potential!!!


The Advanced Foot Function Programme has been a great course for me in order to add foot focus exercises to Pilates programmes and make my clients and myself aware of the importance of the feet, as to be able to create a corrective programme too after being able to assess clients. I now incorporate exercises into my practice and my programming. There is also a great section on the course with research papers for extra reading and research. The course is also perfect for self pacing and in very digestible bites, with videos and reading material too. Highly recommend!

hemifrån i din egen takt expertvägledning livesessioner teori och praktik

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