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Y. Allen (Raleigh, US)
Quality Toe-Separated Socks

Although I bought these socks for my wife, I have bought her Injinji, Creepers, and Off-Branded toe-separated socks, and the My Foot Function Toe Sock ranks right up there in quality with Injinji (which IMHO is the gold standard when it comes to toe-separated socks).

The socks are breathable and if washed properly (preferably on a gentle cycle (even in a mesh bag if you can...), cold water, and HANG DRY; if not able to do a gentle cycle, please wash in cold water and HANG DRY (the dry hanging is the KEY to the socks retaining their elasticity)) - these socks will last you for years to come!

Gaetano (Gothenburg, SE)
Great quality socks!

I really like these socks I purchased! They feel super comfortable and the quality of the materials is top!
Also, the jade color is cool ;)
Overall very satisfied with the product.
Highly recommend.

Hi there! Thank you for taking the time to leave a review for our socks. We are so happy to hear that you are loving the quality and comfort of our socks. The jade color is definitely one of our favorites too! Thank you for recommending our product. We appreciate your support.

Have a great day! :)

L.O. (Gothenburg, SE)

Dessa Strumpor har jag väntat på. De är både snygga och sköna. Jag tycker även att de fungerar bra att träna i, precis som andra funktionsstrumpor på marknaden.

Anne-Berit Olsen (Oslo, NO)
The best socks

I have become a big toe sock enthusiast! It gives my toes so much more freedom, and my feet are thriving!
These socks in particular are very soft and comfortable. I like the extra padded top on the heel; it doesn’t slip off my foot! I’m going to stock up on more of these bad boys, especially since good toe socks are hard to come by :)

d.b. (Chicago, US)
comfortable sock

The fabric and sewing is quality. i usually like a little thicker sock, for cushion and sweat. these are nice though. a little extra fabric on my two smallest toes but it doesn’t bother me in my shoe. i like the extra fabric at the heel.

zero restriction extreme comfort incredible materials simple designs functional at the bottom plain on the top


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