Calcetín del dedo del pie

Blanco / Jade
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Dessa Strumpor har jag väntat på. De är både snygga och sköna. Jag tycker även att de fungerar bra att träna i, precis som andra funktionsstrumpor på marknaden.

Anne-Berit Olsen
The best socks

I have become a big toe sock enthusiast! It gives my toes so much more freedom, and my feet are thriving!
These socks in particular are very soft and comfortable. I like the extra padded top on the heel; it doesn’t slip off my foot! I’m going to stock up on more of these bad boys, especially since good toe socks are hard to come by :)

comfortable sock

The fabric and sewing is quality. i usually like a little thicker sock, for cushion and sweat. these are nice though. a little extra fabric on my two smallest toes but it doesn’t bother me in my shoe. i like the extra fabric at the heel.

Jacquie Hodgson
Best. Toe. Socks. Ever

I made this purchase for two many reasons; colour and no show toe socks. But I’ll be buying these for many more reasons.
These socks are so comfortable, I forget I’ve got them on, love the design that fits the foot so well and I intend to buy all the colours! Oh and they don’t move, at all.
Highly recommend these toe socks.

My daily socks

These are very comfortable to wear and great for spring and summer. I will be wearing these daily so I bought 2 pairs along with crew socks. Organic cotton feels great on the skin.

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¿Son estos calcetines adecuados para el uso diario?
¿Qué tallas hay disponibles para estos calcetines?
¿Cómo promueven estos calcetines la salud de los pies?
¿Qué diferencia a los calcetines WideToe de los calcetines con puntera?
¿Se pueden usar estos calcetines durante actividades físicas como deportes o entrenamientos en el gimnasio?