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Patrik (Ljubljana, SI)
Great toe spacer kit!

I bought this kit back in September 2022 so this is my long term review. I started using this toe spacers as soon as I received the package. I started with the ultra soft for up to ten minutes per day because my toes were really squashed together. After some months I advanced to medium which I wore the most. I still used both ultra soft and medium, medium for up to ten minutes and ultra soft for walking around the apartment (cooking, chores etc.) and working out. After some months my toes got really used to it and I started using the medium even with my sandals on daily walks. Then, I advanced to hard one which I used for upwards to 30 minutes around the apartment. All while still using medium on daily walks. After 2+ years of usage (not all the time) my toes are happier and the kit is still like new. Only the medium got a little hole in it but this is probably because I wore it with sandals and maybe a rock or something punctured it. The carrying bag is great for storage and keeping them in one place. And all this with a lower price that buying a single spacer from some well known brands. All in all I am really happy with my purchase.

Feliks Mkrtchian

It's cool to have such a useful tool in your arsenal for treating old injuries

Emma (Conflans-Sainte-Honorine, FR)
Good !

Software and easyJet to wear
Need to be adjusted to keep big toe and other toes aligned with metatarso, as recommended by My foot fonction in one of the videos

ali koster (Eindhoven, NL)
incredible quality of products and service!

As a health professional for over a decade I can honestly say the products are high quality, wonderfully packaged, delivery was quick, and very good price! The workshops are well thought out, educational, and easy to understand for anyone! I am recommending this company to my clients and colleagues!

Great to wear inside shoes!

Love wearing these especially inside my shoes (but they need to be wyde enough). They really separate the toes so I would recommend progressively increases time spent in them, but once you are used to them - it's a great feeling. Now I can even sleep in them without problem.