The Squat Workshop

Habitual use of the squat in daily activity as a work or rest position is a natural and effective way to maintain strength and range of movement required for basic to advanced postural and locomotive tasks such as standing, lifting, walking and running. We will give you the necessary tools to improve your squat technique, what to consider if you have specific problems hindering you, and how to keep progressing.

The workshop can be accessed on multiple devises such as tablets, desktops or your phone with ease of access and doesn't require large file downloads.

What's included?

  • Individual assessment guide
  • Videos with exercises and detailed instructions
  • Daily workout routine for beginners
  • Daily workout routine for intermediates
  • Daily workout routine for advanced
  • Daily movement-habits and recommendations
  • Course notes with time-stamps for every section

More details and contents of the workshop can be found here.