Strength & Conditioning Your Feet

This workshops is suitable for anyone wishing to progress from the functional foot workshop and/or for those looking for how to optimise foot function in whole-body strength, stability and elasticity exercises.

The foot has multi-functional purposes; shock absorption, stability, rigid-lever and sensory organ. These functions are closely tied with the rest of the body's ability to cooperate effectively with the foot; the workshop teaches you how to engage your foot properly during more advanced activities such as jumping, squatting, lunging and running. 

This workshop is highly recommended for anyone who's involved in any sports, as an amateur to professional competitor, coach or other professional working with clients and everyone else wanting to strengthen their feet with a whole-body approach. 

The workshop can be accessed on multiple devises such as tablets, desktops or your phone with ease of access and doesn't require large file downloads. 

What is included?

  • Over 45 minutes of video content divided into digestible sections
  • Videos come with detailed exercises and instructions
  • Course notes with time-stamps on every section
  • Free updates and lifetime access to content
  • Daily programmes for beginners, intermediate level & advanced
  • Exercises can be performed with little to no equipment, equipment is present in the workshop but alternatives are provided as well
  • Easy to use Thinkific platform
  • Free updates during your subscription
  • Upon registering for this workshop you will receive one email which is your receipt and a separate email which will contain your unique url to access your workshop.

    *Please note this may take up to 15 minutes after registering
    *You have unlimited access for a 12 month period.