Seminar on foot function, shoes and running

*These physical workshops are currently held in Sweden only and may be held in Swedish or English depending on the audience. This workshop will also be streamed live via zoom for those unable to join due to COVID19 restrictions.

If you are suffering from foot, knee and hip problems such as pain or injury then this is for you!


- Theory & Introduction to Foot Function

- Research & Myths

- Different shoes & their effects

- Common problems and their causes

- Functional & preventative solutions 

- Actionable steps to take

- Guided self-assessments

- Questions & Answers

This inspiring seminar will delve into the history in the research of feet, shoes and how fashion and function have had apposing sides in this industry.

We know that 80% of people suffer from completely preventable foot related pain and injuries. We want to empower people with the knowledge on how to filter through the nonsense that is out there and make more informed and healthier choices for themselves and family.

You'll be guided by our experienced sport scientist in self assessments and actionable steps on what you can do today to improve your foot function. We will cover all the common foot-related problems such as bunions, morton's neuroma, tailor bunion, plantar fasciitis, heel pain, achilles pain and more!

The Zoom link and password for the online event is provided after booking your ticket. For more information on time, location and more on the available seminars in the drop-down menu, please visit our event page here.

 OBS! We reserve the right to change the availability of physical seats as spots available will be subject to updates from Government restrictions regarding COVID19.