This workshop is ideal for groups of people or teams who desire to learn about their overall function in a unique and well thought out way. This workshop is a game changer! Read below in detail before booking your chosen date and paying your deposit. 

Day 1

  • Assessment of foot function using plantar pressure plates both static and dynamic.
  • Assessment of balance, strength, flexibility and mobility.
  • Exercises to improve on the results shown from the assessments including one on one feedback.
  • Theory on human movement, habits and evolution. Most importantly ow these are a major factor in todays world.
  • Exercises to help hip, ankle and foot overall health.

Day 2

  • Assessment of walking and running using the plantar pressure plate, filming you run and assessing other areas of movement such as tread wear, callus build up and more. 
  • Retraining your running gait
  • Exercises to help stability, mobility and elasticity and strength and conditioning.
  • Programmes planning to insure you don't do too much, too soon.
  • Theory on running biomechanics, our body as an energy system, jogging vs running, the foots roll in walking and running, shoe choice for different people + more.

Terms and conditions 

  • The fee allows up to 20 participants, 6 hours per day or 25 students, 8 hours per day.
  • An additional fee of €299, Europe or €499 rest of the world for travel and accommodation.
  • Equipment needed - treadmill, at least 5, olympic bars, step up boxes (optional), skipping ropes (optional) 


  • €500 deposit
  • €2500 paid 2 weeks before workshop takes place
  • Travel costs as stated above unless within Sweden.
  • Workshops can also take place at our location in Gothenburg, Sweden