Plantar Pad

What is the plantar pad?

Fasica Tissue Strength Training Device

The Plantar Pad is a product which allows you to do strengthening exercises for the foot and calf.

Its design places the plantar fascia under some tension while the muscles in the foot and calf work.

With the correct use, the exercises will strengthen your fascia tissue and reduce the pain in your foot.

How it works:

The Windlass Mechanism

Applying high load training to the plantar fascia facilitates recovery, decreases pain, facilitates strengthening and improves function
(Rathleff et al, 2014).
The Plantar Pad takes advantage of the Windlass Mechanism, which is a leverage on the plantar fascia which occurs when the toes are extended and the heel is raised; causing a tensile pull on the fascia, almost like an elongating stretch.

So what?! Well...this has been proven to reduce pain and improve the load tolerance/ strength of the plantar fascia. Therefore allowing you to walk, run or jump further with out causing pain.

Incorporate this into you workout plan and strengthen your feet for long term benefits which will speed up your recovery and prevent further injury... and it’s easy!!! So there’s no excuse, start your recovery/ prehab today!

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