Online training classes

It's time we challenge you with our online foot training sessions. These classes will be for everyone at all skill levels as we will be taking you through different variations of each exercise and things to consider with common foot problems. This is perfect if you are seeking a more interactive way to train your feet, with the ability to get direct feedback on your performance, ask questions and get to know what exercises work best for you.

The class will include the following:

  • One hour with one of our experienced teachers.
  • Exercises for collapsed feet, high-rigid arches, hallux valgus, limitus hammertoes, Morton's neuroma, plantar fasciitis, heel spurs and more!
  • Learn on the go, take notes, ask to repeat exercises if need be. This is where you can be involved, just as if you were with us in person.
  • Do it alone or with family and friends.
  • Programmes to continue learning and progressing.
  • Access to our Facebook group where you can share experiences and have help from our teaching team.
  • A way to make sure you keep up-to-date with important exercises.
  • We will encourage you to get stronger, healthier feet through these inspirational and interactive online classes.

After registering you will be given a link including the password to your chosen seminar and instructions. It's straight forward and all you need is access to internet or a strong mobile connection, a computer, tablet or phone. 

Look at the map provided to see what time this webinar will take place in your city.