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Bunion Kit

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This package includes the essentials needed to help you with your bunions. The following items & workshops have been favoured from our customers who are suffering with bunions so we have grouped these together to help you save!

Bunions can be hard to live with, this kit has been created to help you understand the exercises that should be performed, the equipment that should be used & support from our team to answer any questions you have with the Premium+ version of our workshops.

Remember, in most cases bunions can be reversed & you can build function back to your feet with this Bunion Kit.

What's included:

  • Mini-Band
  • Toe Separators
  • Metatarsal Corrective Tool
  • "Fix Your Feet Premium+" Online Workshop

This small band is useful for exercises performed in our workshops and seen on our social media accounts. It is incredibly useful for big-toe specific mobility and strength exercises. Its ideal length, thickness and resistance makes it easy to use for beginners too advanced.

Toe Separators
Use these simply by placing over your big toe or second, allowing the thick silicone to push the big toe into a better position. Wear these toe separators barefoot, whilst walking, running and other movements that will place pressure on the foot. Over time your big toe will regain a far better position, which will have a positive affect on movement. 

Metatarsal Corrective Tool
This unique product is successful in treating foot dysfunction. In 9/10 feet seen in our clinic this tool would help. From dropped mid foot metatarsals, painful areas or simply massaging the foot in a whole new way. This simple tool will bring back function to your feet. It also works great at immediate relief if used for massaging the foot.

Fix Your Feet Premium+
This workshops is suitable for beginners and anyone wishing to improve the overall shape and function of their feet. It covers all the common foot problems we see today and their preventative, long-term solutions through functional training. We will guide you through the exercises most suitable for you, how to perform them effectively and what you need to consider with specific foot problems, shoe choice, movement habits and more.