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This package gives you access to Fix Your Feet, Improve Your Running, Improve Your Squat, Plantar Fascia Workshop, Mini-band Workshop, Yoga For Beginners for 12 months unlimited access.

The is the ultimate online workshop package for anyone looking to improve their overall health and fitness from the ground up in the comfort of your own home! This package includes all our workshops, empowering you to take control over your feet and all other major parts of the body.

The workshops are based on functional human movement patterns of walking, squatting and running. Developed by an international team of various therapist and coaches, these workshops also include all the common problems faced by most people within these fields, and how to deal with them with evidence-based effective tools and methods. 

To read more about each individual workshop please klick here.

Whats included?

- Fix Your Feet 

    - Strength & Conditioning Your Feet 

    - Improve Your Running

      - Improve Your Squat

        - Plantar Fascia

        - Mini-Band Workshop

        - Yoga For Beginners