Abuses of the foot - 1862

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"If the cut of a shoe is not, as the cut of a coat, a matter of indifference," most certainly the form of the last should not be a subject of fashionable change, especially in its important quantise.

If when fashion prescribes an arbitrary form of a shoe, she goes far beyond her province, and in realty arrogates to herself the right of deter-mining the shape of the foot, how is it when she prescribes the form and proportions of the last upon which the shoe is moulded ?

At present, the last-maker produces a fashionable last, and from it, the boot maker a fashionable boot, and our feet, alone at fault, in the estimation of both last and shoe maker, have to suffer ; for if the boot is not made to fit the foot, the foot must be made to fit it, and in doing this the foot is distorted"