Whole-body Mobility Workshop

Through popular demand, the whole-body workshop is finally here!

This workshop will allow you to learn whole-body mobility. All of the exercises have different difficulties, showing how you progress in each movement from beginner - advanced. The workshop has been designed with our team of professionals with a combined 50+ years within the medical field. 

It has been designed for you to learn about yourself, analyse your own movement, study the exercises both with a coach & up closer with Caroline. Practice these exercises so that you have complete faith in performing them on a day to day basis.

For us, it's equally important to understand the why and not just the how when it comes to exercise. With this workshop we will instruct you on how to perform them in great detail alongside the main importance of why you should be performing them.

What does this workshop include: 

  • Analysis of whole-body mobility (8 videos / sections)
  • Most videos include several progressive stages of the exercise
  • Movement habits & lifestyle videos 
  • Foot & ankle section (6 videos & information)
  • Hip mobility section (12 videos & information)
  • Spine, shoulder & scapula (6 videos & information)
  • Movement routines (10 examples)
  • Two hours of video content
  • Each exercise has a written explanation 
  • Programmes from beginner - advanced