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I really don’t know where to start. I’ve always had squished toes, cramping, and foot pain by the end of the day. I did pelvic floor pt postpartum and realized my poor foot health was contributing to a host of issues. I tried another program that was confusing and I made no progress, so I took a risk and tried this one instead. It’s amazing. The videos are clear and such a pleasure to follow. I made quick progress followed by slow and sustained strength and visual change through daily exercise for many months. This is the real deal. The knowledge in these videos is so impressive and to be totally dramatic it really changed my life. If you have any hesitations about doing this you can let them all go. Worth it a million times over. I don’t know where else you could access this kind of content from your own home and have such an impact on the most important part of your posture and overall mobility.

Loving it!

Just amazed at the professionalism of the staff at My Foot function. Videos are great, clear explanations and full of useful tips. Staff at the other end of the email (such as Gourgen) also v helpful.
Thanks for sharing all this foot knowledge.

Diana Genas
Does what it says on the tin!

Thoughtful and clear instructions make this course enjoyable and the exercises easy to follow.

Jose Marin
Very informative

Easy quick assessment of foot function & mobility. Videos where of good quality and sound. Instructor spoke clearly.

Ashley Harper
Mobility Exercises- Leveling Up!

After I finished doing these exercises, I later went to run errands and noticed how OPEN my feet and joints were! It really gave me the sensory connection and I was able to adjust the loading of my posture, aligning it with the foundation of my feet.

from home at your own pace expert guidance self assessment careful progression

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