Boots and shoe making - 1902

About this book:

A must read for anyone interested in the history of shoe manufacturing and the underlying reasons and processes that have lead to the modern shoe and its shape.

"DURING recent years there have been many remarkable and drastic changes in the boot and shoe industry, and the Lasting and Making branch has been no exception. In this section, the aim has been to give a general outline of the methods as used in the bench process, and their application to the machine systems.

The development of machinery, with its gradual elimination of hand processes, has tended to turn lasting into a number of minor but highly specialized operations. The actual process as now carried out by machine is subdivided into four or even five operations, each one separate and yet all closely connected.

By continual repetition of a single operation only, one is apt to lose sight of the important bearing that it has upon the ultimate results of the whole process, but with a knowledge of the fundamental principles pertaining to the whole, there is no such danger. For this reason also, both old and new methods have their place in the following pages."