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Reconnect Balance Beam

The Balance Beam by Woodumove in collaboration with MFF is made of solid natural ash tree and organically processed with ecological oil.
The diameter changes from 4 to 7 cm. This allows a variation on the beam compared to standard thinner beams. This beam fits into any environment and is difficult to get off from.
 Benefits of the beam:
  • Superior to any other beam available today
  • Restore the strength and flexibility of your feet
  • Stimulate your feet and improve blood flow
  • Improve overall stability, strength and flexibility 
  • High quality product 
Our beam is based on two small legs made of birch plywood. It stands stable so you can improve your balance and learn lots of exercises with confidence.
Where can I have the beam?
The various sizes available mean that it will fit into almost any space. 
We see a lot of customers having the beam underneath their desk, in their play room so they can introduce their children to the movements or simply at their home office or home gym. 
For home use the 1.0 meter is ideal, while for underneath the office desk the 0.5 m beam works best.
The beam comes with a 12 month warranty and will see far beyond this point due to its robust build and hardy materials.